Questions about hiring equipment

How do I hire plant machinery from Jaw Hire?
Is there a minimum rental duration for plant machinery?
Do you offer delivery and pickup services for the equipment?
Can I extend the rental duration if my project takes longer than expected?
Is there insurance coverage for the hired equipment during the rental period?
What is the process for returning the plant machinery after the rental period ends?
What happens if the equipment is returned damaged?

Questions about buying equipment

How can I purchase plant machinery from Jaw Hire?
Are the plant machinery items new or used?
Can I inspect the machinery before making a purchase?
Are there warranties or guarantees provided for the equipment sold?
What is the process for arranging transportation of the purchased machinery?
Do you offer financing or leasing options for plant machinery purchases?
Does Jaw Hire export machinery?

Questions about selling equipment

What types of plant machinery does Jaw Hire purchase?
What is the process for getting a quote or valuation for my equipment?
Will Jaw Hire arrange transportation for the equipment I want to sell?
How long does it take to complete the selling process with Jaw Hire?

Questions about vacuum excavation

In which areas is vacuum excavation suitable?
Is vacuum excavation a safe method for locating underground utilities?
Does Jaw Hire provide trained operators for the vacuum excavation service?
How do I request the vacuum excavation service from Jaw Hire?
Can vacuum excavation be used for various construction and industrial projects?
Are there any permits or permissions required for vacuum excavation?
Can Jaw Hire assist with utility locating before performing the excavation?
Can you supply more than one operator?