Discover the versitality of vacuum excavation

Unlock the power of vacuum excavation with our top-of-the-line machinery available for hire. Our advanced vacuum excavators are equipped with high-powered suction capabilities, allowing for precise and efficient soil removal while protecting underground utilities.

If you are working in Somerset, Devon & Cornwall and there is a risk of damaging underground utilities, vacuum excavation is a safe and effective way to excavate the ground.

Jaw Hire Vacuum Excavator Operator
up to 7.6m depth
±5cm accuracy
917 cubic meters per day
16x faster than traditional methods
up to 7.6m depth
±5cm accuracy
917 cubic meters per day
16x faster than traditional methods
How we get your project off the ground


JAW boasts an extensive inventory of top-quality equipment for commercial projects.

From plant hire to vacuum excavation machinery, we offer a wide range of options to meet diverse project needs. Our comprehensive selection ensures that you have access to the right tools and machinery required to execute your commercial project efficiently.

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Fleet of Vacuum Excavators by Jaw Hire


Our experienced team provides expert guidance and support throughout the project lifecycle.

We understand the unique challenges and requirements of commercial projects and offer valuable insights to help you make informed decisions. Whether it's equipment selection, project planning, or on-site assistance, we are dedicated to ensuring your project's success.

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At JAW, we prioritize reliability and safety.

All our equipment is well-maintained and undergoes regular inspections to ensure optimal performance. By choosing JAW, you can have confidence in the reliability of our equipment, reducing the risk of delays or unexpected breakdowns during your commercial project.

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At JAW, we've got you covered with our extensive range of top-notch machinery available for hire. From excavators and loaders to aerial lifts and more, our diverse equipment selection ensures that you'll find the perfect tools to tackle any job, big or small.

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As a proud Cornish company, JAW is deeply rooted in the local community and committed to driving the success of projects across Cornwall and the wider South West. With our strong understanding of the region's unique landscape and specific requirements, we bring a tailored approach that sets us apart.

When you choose JAW, you're not just partnering with an industry expert – you're collaborating with a team that genuinely cares about Cornwall's development.